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Topics of the conference

The conference is held on the proposal of the RAS Scientific Council on physics of condensed state. The conference is devoted to theoretical and experimental studies of physical properties of functional optical materials. Conference topics cover a wide range of issues related to obtaining optically active materials based on activated crystals, glasses and glass-based optical composites embedded with nanosized crystals, studying their properties, designing, creating and using devices on their basis. The conference will discuss the modern problems of theoretical and experimental spectroscopy, optical materials science, physics of condensed state, physics of semiconductors, their fundamental and applied aspects, achievements in nanoelectronic and optoelectronic devices design and applications. Main tasks of the conference are expanding and deepening the relations between scientific teams of research organizations and higher education institutions of Russia and foreign countries, inviting young scientists and students to current scientific projects.

The conference has the following sections:

  1. Laser materials, their production and properties.
  2. Nonlinear materials, their production and properties.
  3. Spectroscopy of inorganic materials.
  4. EPR study of the materials with paramagnetic ions.
  5. Theoretical aspects of spectroscopy of laser and non-linear materials.
  6. Structural features and spectral properties of nonlinear and laser materials.
  7. Photoelectric and luminescent properties of semiconductors.
  8. Application of lasers in atom's research.
  9. Application of lasers in medicine.
  10. Application of lasers in optical communication systems.
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